Island Capital Partners Invests $230,000 into Prince Edward Island Tech

Management team of ICP makes investment

CHARLOTTETOWN – January 31, 2018 – Island Capital Partners, a Venture Capital group based in Charlottetown has just confirmed a $230,000 investment into local tech company Onset Communication Inc.

Onset Communication Inc. has developed The Visual Assistant, a visual communication tool that reduces miscommunication, delays and mistakes on film and TV production sets. A prototype version of the system has been tested on productions over the past 18 months and the feedback has helped with product development, as well as creating market demand.

Renee Laprise, producer/director of The Lovely Witches Club series says, “We had a small budget, a tight schedule and small crew. The Visual Assistant was crucial to us successfully getting all the content we needed at the quality we needed. The efficiency the device brought to the shoot was so important.”

Onset has also established a distribution agreement with William F White International Inc (WFW), the largest film equipment rental company in Canada. Rick Perotto, VP of Business Development at WFW believes that “the Visual Assistant has the potential to revolutionize the production workflow and we are excited to get started.”

Paul Lypaczewski, Investment Director with Island Capital Partners has worked with the Onset team for the past two years and says, “Over my years spent delivering production solutions to the media creation industries, it’s been clear that the primary focus must be on the user experience, using technology as a core underpinning. What we saw in Onset Communication was a unique combination of technological expertise coupled with a deep understanding of the film and video production process, all led by an experienced Management Team. We are excited for the potential for The Video Assistant to become an essential part of any production set as it streamlines the communication process and unleashes the customer’s creative vision”.

Onset co-founder and CEO, Brian Sharp is excited about the ICP investment: “It’s been a three-year journey to turn my vision and passion into a funded business. We could not have arrived at this starting line without the support of our investors at Island Capital Partners, the mentoring and guidance provided by Startup Zone; and the constant engagement and support of our distribution partner, William F White. It is so exciting to finally be in the race to build a really cool and really successful international business!”

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